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  2. Save

tracking time, that simple.

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Compatible Applications and Systems

TimeSampler is compatible with any program that regularly saves files to your drive, here's a brief list:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator



*as long as I can afford it :)


What if I start working on a file, but don't save it before I get up and walk away?

Well, you shouldn't!

TimeSampler relies on relatively frequent saves but if you're not the type don't worry! A lone save is still noticed and reported, so you'll be reminded that you did something on that particular project.

What if I spend 20 minutes editing a file before I save it again?

TimeSampler expects this, the maximum gap between two saves is 30 minutes by default, but you are free to tweak it to find out what is good with your workflow.

Why I see more hours than the time I actually worked?

If you work on more than one project simultaneously they get separate tracking, this can result in doubled hours. Always take reported hours with a grain of salt.

What if I work offline, will I lose hours?

No problem! TimeSampler will keep tracking your work and when back online will sync with the server (or the cloud, as is more fashionable to call it these days).

About the author


Hi I'm Elia Schito,

TimeSampler comes from a small time tracker I developed for myself after repeatedly being unable to count billable hours for my clients.
The original project is still available on GitHub free of charge.

I turned it into a paid service in order to help you and everyone else who may find it useful.

Feel free to contact me for feedback, advice or to get free personal assistance in setting up your copy of TimeSampler.

Thanks for your interest,